Let’s get us out of the way so we can focus on you…

Constructive Solutions was founded by Rob Leier in 1994 and has been offering top-notch renovations and remodelling to the Saskatoon area for over 25 years. In our years of experience, we have brought life and innovation back to broken, damaged, or outdated homes and commercial properties.

Aside from offering years of experience and first-hand building knowledge, you can feel confident knowing that Constructive Solutions is not third party renovator and everything is done in-house. All of our products are purchased from top-quality commercial vendors. All of our additions and new builds come with Progressive (new home) Warranty which gives you up to 10 years of warranty on the projects we complete for you!

Constructive Solutions promises reasonable and honest timelines and strives to keep our job sites neat and tidy at all times. We are passionate about our projects and our customer’s happiness.

Rob Leier is an Intra-Provincial Journeyman and owner of Constructive Solutions in Saskatoon. Rob is not only a highly sought-after builder but also a volunteer for charitable causes.

Owner and founder of Constructive Solutions, Rob Leier has over 30 years experience in the construction business and specializes in new home construction and home renovations/additions. With a deep understanding of client needs, Rob provides insight and creativity to your home design and aesthetics.

In addition to running a highly successful business, Rob was an active volunteer on a hospital foundation board and on a private foundation board.

Rob offers a no obligation FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to listen to your ideas and concerns! We look forward to helping you design your dream space in the near future!